Sunday was the start of all things Belgian for Matrix Explorers and 1st Hermitage Scouts with both groups having a chilled out morning to recover from the traveling before heading into Leuven to buy tickets for the week and explore the city a little.

1st Hermitage Scouts wandered around the city, which included a visit to the Scout and Guide museum, a picnic in the park along with some fun and games.

Matrix Explorers also had a quick wander through the main square, which was packed with some sort of festival (but for fear of losing the whole bunch of explorers and not getting to the scout and guide museum they didn’t explore the festival). After the Scout and Guide museum they wandered over to the climbing and caving centre which was not too far away and everyone enjoyed either climbing or getting lost in the dark caving system!

Today both groups have been out and about on the mountain bikes, with the Explorers also partaking in a short hike and the Scouts have started a pioneering project.

Tomorrow I’m accompanying the Scouts on a trip to Ypres and the surrounding areas so it’ll be a long day!

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