How the photo was meant to be
How the photo was meant to be…

We got a cable car up a mountain today, where the views were once again spectacular, but the smells unpleasant. Two of us then continued our gender uncertainty, by proceeding to use the male toilets this time. The queues were certainly shorter, but the intruders were concerned once again!

After a shorter walk than previously, most guides didn’t want to walk any further, due to the lure of the play park! Both young leaders resorted to their inner child, and one leader even managed to fall off! Needless to say, by the time the cable cars arrived there were a lot of trousers to be washed!

Back at the chalet, one Ranger then started a World Map jigsaw. Another then joined her only to be followed by another 4 people trying to fill in the Southern Ocean. Geography lessons maybe needed, as one girl thought that the UK was in South America!
Interesting quotes: – “it’s a wonderful feeling, being clean”!
– “I’m in (on) a roll!”
Steps walked: 20,500 (14.2 km)


How it wasn't meant to be done
…how it wasn’t meant to be
Completed jigsaw
Completed jigsaw