Summer is in full swing at KISC as the first group of scouts from Belfast experience permanent mini-jamboree! Having flown in and arrived on Tuesday the Scouts wasted no time in getting to know other Scouts from all over the world.

On Tuesday the group had a “splashing” time at the sunny swimming pool down in the centre of the village. After some slight practice, the group were able to perfect the art of splashing everyone within the surrounding 15m, performing some perfect bomb-esque dives off the 3m diving board… put it this way they won’t be making the Olympics!

Today the group have been up to Oeschinensee in the glorious sunshine taking in on the summer toboggan run, no doubt going as fast as possible without using any brakes. After that the Belfast Scouts had a wander and picnic down at the lake before hiking back to the village and then having the traditional scout meal.

In the next few days the group are going extreme rafting on the Lutschine river near Grindlewald and are exploring Bern!