Trefoil Guild Day 2

Today was elemental – and brilliant! The wind was powerful to say the least and the windchill took temperatures well down below zero – to double figures below! But the Trefoil Guild spirit was stronger than all of this and everyone has had a fabulous day in a less often visited part of SW Iceland, the Reykjanes Peninsula.

The clouds were high – and the sun appeared awhile in the morning – so all day the vast volcanic landscapes in all their glory were viewed in good conditions. Lava flows, ropey lava, domed lavas, blocky lavas, volcanic cones, boiling puddles, steaming fumaroles were all enjoyed with many photographs being taken. The coastal scenery revealed wave eroded volcanoes too as we travelled through the West Volcanic Zone of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. All are in awe of this awesome land – you really all should be here! However, one of the most frequent questions asked of me this morning was, “Have we got the packed lunches”?! We had, of course, and what a treat they turned out to be – many photographs were taken as it was unwrapped! As well as many delicious sandwiches with savoury fillings (including smoked salmon), some traditional smoked lamb on flat kokur (like potatoes scones) were included; many has seconds, thirds and fourths! Then the carrot cake was literally the icing on the cake! So, Hotel Kelfavik is to be congratulated; I have told our new hotel, Eldhestar, of the great packed lunch today so hopefully (all part of my plan!) tomorrow’s lunch will be equally as tasty!

The SalfishMuseum and MAGMA Earth Energy exhibitions in Grindavik were very much enjoyed as was the welcoming hot and free coffee. The Blue lagoon was “choppy” and woolly hats might have been a good idea but it was an experience very much enjoyed with many happy, rosy and wrinkle free faces being the result of our 2 hour stop there.  After then travelling through more of the stark but fascinating landscapes of the Mid Atlantic Ridge it was to Stokkseyri and the Ghost Museum/Elves and Trolls Centre, including the Northern Light Show that concluded the day; they were very much appreciated too – as, again, was the free coffee to calm all of a nervous disposition after their ghost, elves and troll encounters.

Now everyone is in Eldhestar, a most cosy country note. We received a wonderful warm and caring welcome. So now it is time to sign off, our evening meal is soon to be served. Our driver, Jon Ranar, a most excellent driver in every way and perfect for our group, is off to watch Manchester United play Real Madrid this evening – and we all cheered his team for tonight as we said a big thank you to him for his efforts today.

This Blog entry in no way covers all the excitement, activities of today and adventures we have all had, collectively, individually and in small groups; the Trefoil Guild ladies are certainly as exhausting as ever but a joy to be amongst.