So the last few days of our trip have been little quieter than before, and the group has been able to explore more of Switzerland by themselves.

On Friday, the group had a free day to explore Adelboden and the local area, using their travel pass. Most of the group decided to head into the village to see more of the place where we have been staying for the past week. The weather wasn’t great, with many low clouds hanging over the valley, so cable cars weren’t the best option for most people. However, those who did brave it were rewarded with lovely views once the clouds had lifted. Other people headed over to Kandersteg after their time in Adelboden, and visited the Scout Museum, which not many people get to do. They said it was a special treat to see all of the Scouting memorabilia. Others hit the footpaths of Adelboden, and there were a few sore legs at dinner that evening!

On Saturday, we all set off bright and early to Bern. Bern is the capital of Switzerland, but it still has the feel of a small and traditional town. Our first stop was the bear park, where the bears were enjoying a morning stroll. Bears are a symbol of Bern, and the three bears (yes, a Mummy bear, a Daddy bear and a Baby bear) have a nice life in their enclosure on the banks of the River Aare.

We also said hello to Albert Einstein, the city’s most famous resident who looks out over the city. After that, the ladies had free time to explore the city further. Some of them opted for a guided tour, which gave further information on the city and its highlights. Others just had a wander round, looking in the shops, the open air market or enjoying a drink by the river in the sunshine. We all stopped to see the Zytgogge, the large astronomical clock in the centre of the town. The only building we didn’t really get to see was the Parliament Building, which had been cordoned off for a protest later that day. However, some of the group did take it as an opportunity to chat to the police.

Today the weather has cleared, so many people are heading up to the Engstlingenalp Cable Car, for a chance to visit the waterfall and get some good views of the village. Others are heading over to Kandersteg, to visit the International Scout Centre, with some even braving it as far as Interlaken. Whatever they are doing, I’m sure they are making the most of their last day in this beautiful place.



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