Sunday saw me on a trip to Leuven to assist in buying tickets for both 10th Fife 1st Cupar scouts and 2nd Bangor scouts. It seemed to take an age as there was a wide range of ticket options available, some including entrance fees, others not, some for travel at certain times and others for all week!

After managing to sort out all the tickets, Joel and myself accompanied 10th Fife 1st Cupar scouts into Leuven for the afternoon. We saw a vast variety of scouting memorabilia and a scale model of a camp set up in the shape of a pirate ship, with all accompanying rigging!

A short walk followed and brought us to the Stella Artois Brewery for an education excursion into barley wheat and hops which seemed to fascinate most of the scouts! Upon return to De Kluis 10th Fife were quickly challenged to a game of rounders by the Bangor Troop. Obviously they couldn’t refuse and so after a hearty meal they proceeded to win the game and everyone sat round a fire afterwards, great sportsmanship was shown from both groups.

Today 10th Fife had another adventure planned and went off to Walibi Theme Park, and have yet to return, so they must be having fun! Meanwhile the Bangor group had a chilled out morning before a short hike to Zoet Water, which despite the name didn’t involve much water!

The afternoon saw the scouts and leaders alike having fun on a big adventure playground, followed by a crazy golf competition (Joel and myself had our own competition and I won’t say by how large a margin he won!). After the walk back everyone seems to have had a good day and there’s a lot of weary legs!

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