Wondering how you can still be a pirate in a landlocked country? Got a spare afternoon during your trip to Adelboden and aren’t sure what to do?

Our Venture Abroad Reps, Manon and Georgie, have got you covered with this fun Adelboden-themed treasure hunt. This is sure to keep scouts and guides occupied!

The hunt should take approximately 1 hour and takes place in Adelboden town centre. Let us know how you get on!




  1. What is the number under the word “Brasserie” on the V Brasserie sign?
  2. What tool is on the fire station logo?
  3. What animals are on the flags at the Adlerstrube restaurant? Bonus point: What do they represent?
  4. What date is the Ski World Cup 2020?
  5. What number is the Tennisplatz on the info sign?
  6. What colour are the tables at Tearoom Schmidt?
  7. When was the church fresco created?



8. What is the third word on the awning of the Woodcarver’s shop?
9. (2019) What date is the Thun Spezialmarkte in September? (Hint: find the Gemeindehaus)
10. What colours are the cable cars on the Tschentenalp entrance sign, and in what order do they appear?
11. What colour trousers does the Engstligenalp mascot wear?
12. What year was the Hotel Baren built?
13. What colour are the Parkhaus lift doors on floor -2?
14. What are the last four digits of the phone number for the takeaway pizza restaurant?
15. What is the number on the grey Schieber sign on the outside of the tourist office?

16. How many loaves of bread are there on this painted sign?



  1. What is the name of the company who made this clock?



  1. Take a picture of your group with the biggest marmot you can find!





  1. 3715
  2. Axe or hammer are acceptable answers
  3. Eagle and Bear (Municipality of Frutigen and Canton of Bern respectively) 1 point for each correct answer
  4. 11th/12th January
  5. 3
  6. Orange
  7. 1471
  8. Bilder
  9. 11th September
  10. Red, blue, yellow
  11. Red and black chequered
  12. 1934
  13. Green
  14. 0356
  15. 2.70
  16. 3
  17. Longines
  18. Marmot Photo Challenge: There is a large marmot outside the Intersport shop and also one in the window of the wood shop