Saxon Explorer Scouts and Network Unit had a great week in Belgium.

Tuesday saw the group visit Walibi Theme Park (which the group previously saw in a miniature form at Mini Europe the day before!). We were there bright and early for the 10am opening time. Unfortunately, the park wasn’t the only thing that opened – it rained pretty much the entire day! However, the Saxons didn’t let this dampen their spirit (excuse the pun!) and the day was happily spent going on 30+ attractions which the park has to offer. A slightly strange experience when you beat the rain to the ground while on the drop tower!

As it was half way through the week, the group decided to have a slightly more relaxing day on the campsite. Fortunately, today stayed dry so they were able to enjoy what the campsite had to offer – as well as doing some woggle-making, which I can testify is rather fiddly!

In between crafts and relaxing, the group had also decided to attach themselves to ropes and climb 20 feet up in the air! This, of course, was the high ropes course! There were 3 different sections for the group to traverse – from my position with both feet firmly on the ground, it was pretty impressive! Not only that they got up there but also how everyone worked together, whether that was belaying or just offering each other encouragement. At the end they were about to take on the formidable leap of faith. This involved climbing up a rather wobbly pole, standing on the very small top and then jumping off; trusting that the six people holding the rope attached to you at the bottom will catch you! Rather you than me guys…