Today saw us splitting into two groups: Scouts (with Anita, Claire and Ruth) and Explorers (with Jon).

Scouts: The High Ropes Troop evening in June was a mere taster for what we encountered today. The High Ropes Park in the valley is “epic” according to our Scouts and is designed for all abilities. You move from level to level, higher and higher into the trees. The zip wire parts were especially popular with Scouts and Leaders alike. Some of the Scouts reached the Level 4 circuit, almost 20m high in parts. The instructors were superb and the Scouts worked well and were supportive of others. The instructors were particularly impressed with Emma and she got an ice cream as a prize! After lunch, it was back to KISC to complete the Campsite Compass Trail. Ruth showed us how to use pacing and take compass bearings. We navigated around, taking turns to lead. We then persuaded the Leaders to walk us into town to go to the pool. We love the diving boards! After dinner, it was time to visit other scouts to swap some badges and scarves. Then we headed indoors to learn some paracording techniques from our expert, Anita.

Explorers: A needed lie in and lazy morning was the order of the day as we were off on our overnight expedition to a mountain hut in the afternoon. More info to follow tomorrow.