Saturday saw De Kluis welcoming (and myself, of course!) 1st Malden Scouts and 2nd Long Aston Guides! After a long coach journey Saturday afternoon was spent settling in, shopping and recovering all round, getting ready for the jam packed week ahead. On Sunday both groups made there way to Leuven to enjoy the Sportoase swimming centre. Here everyone had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed all the slides on offer. Some were even brave enough to go off the top diving board, rather you than me guys!

Both groups also decided to visit the Scouting Museum, located in the converted abbey of St. Gertude Church. After a bit of a trek from the swimming pool I think both groups were relived to arrive and it did not disappoint. Its a lovely little museum with loads of badges and other memorabilia right from the origins of scouting. There was also a little shop where you could purchase badges of your own. Several of the guides certainly did get themselves some great souvenirs from here, as I’m sure I will myself before the end of the summer!