Since setting up camp, I have spent the week training at De Kluis and visiting a few locations that the groups may visit over the summer, becoming more adjusted to Belgian life.

Saturday saw the arrival of both new groups to De Kluis. Welkom and Hallo to St Eugenes and Maryculter scouts. We are glad you all arrived safely!

Along with both groups came glorious sunshine, shortly followed by sudden bursts of heavy downpour. We got just a little soggy here at De Kluis but that didn’t stop the groups from settling in, ready for a busy week.

Today, both groups took the train into Leuven to go swimming before visiting the National Scout Museum. I joined Maryculter Scouts for the day and we went open air swimming – or tried at least. From blue skies to a sudden downpour, the rain had forced the pool to close, meaning we couldn’t swim. It did provide opportunity for exploring the grounds, even if this did mean getting a little wet!


Next, we headed off to the National Scout and Guide museum where inside we learnt about scouting in Belgium. Inside were badges from all over the world. It also gave us the chance to buy a couple as souvenirs!


The trip into Leuven wouldn’t be complete without a group photo in front of the city hall and of course, sampling a Belgian waffle or two!


image (queuing for waffles!)