Hello, I´m Hannah and over the next couple of weeks I´m going to try and fill you in on what we, as Birmingham Guides, have been getting up to here in Mexico.

Yesterday, as I´m sure you can all remember, we left Birmingham to get a 2 o´clock flight to Mexico City. A little turbulence aside, this went as well as it could have gone as we had lovely cabin crew who tended to our every need and even made friends with the poor people sitting next to us (especially Bethan and Katie S, who could´ve guessed?!). In the airport we met the other British group staying at Our Cabana, from Coventry. They were and still are sporting a lovely lilac polo which I´m sure you wanted to know as when in Mexico, the colour of your polo is really all that matters.

Landing on time at around 6 we made our way to a welcoming Ticalli. It´s lovely here, we have a brilliant floor with access to water and toilets and, most importantly, the DVD player containing a certain Scooby Doo DVD we all seem to adore. We met the Canadians who are absolutely amazing, a long with some equally fabulous Mexicans. After sharing a few culturally naive giggles, we then dropped like logs on to our beds and slept soundly (in some cases…).

With an early morning start, we made our way with half closed eyes down to breakfast where we were greeted by a great range of buffet breakfast foods. We then proceeded to make our way down into real life Mexico City. After wandering cluelessly for a bit we soon found a tour bus (with great help from Emma´s squealing) and hopped abroad and into the city. We saw loads of beautiful buildings, every building seemed like a piece of art. Unfortunately, I´m none the wiser to what they were called but trust me, we did see them! We got off at “Historical Centre” where we looked desperately for somewhere to eat. After trekking up stairs that felt like Mount Everest, we finally reached a only Mexican speaking cafe/restuarant where we were pleasantly suprised by some traditional Mexican food (pizza is Mexican, right?).

The main feature of this centre was the cathedral (the biggest in all of Latin-America may I add?). A few of us walked all the way to the top, prancing about on the roof, enjoying views, not enjoying spiral staircases.

Mexico then decided to rain. And rain. And rain. So we caught the next bus home, braving the roof on the open top bus, consequently getting soaking wet. We decided to warm up with some home comforts at Starbucks, taking full advantage of the WiFi and hot chocolate.

Now, back in Ticalli, we´re thankfully relaxing after a tiring day (we have jet lag to thank for this). From where I´m typing, I can hear girls competitively screaming whilst playing “Spoons”. I bet you´re with me in hoping that I don’t write this much everyday! We are all well, a little tired from jet lag but everyone’s supporting everyone else really well. Now, we are looking forward to going to Our Cabana tomorrow! Speak soon x