Well today saw 3rd Baildon Guiding group pack up to go home. Although they had an exhausting week filled with activities the girls, still in their high spirits, were truly prepared for their long journey with a long list of songs lined up to sing all the way home. Doubt anybody is going to sleep on that journey.

From what I gathered the girls had an amazing holiday out in the Netherlands, each had their own favourite activity, the most popular being the trip to the Anne Frank house. Although the weather wasn’t the best at the start of the week, the girls didn’t let this ruin their trip. Luckily for them they had packed up and was on the coach journey home when the weather made its second appearance of the week. This time, twice as bad as Mondays weather.  Thunderstorms like no other and of course the torrential rain!!!! Once again the Netherlands is ankle deep in water. Who said it was summer!?

Please don’t tell me its just here getting a soaking by the weather!?