Hola from Our Cabaña! I cannot quite believe that 4 days have almost gone by and what an eventful four days it has been! 27 Guide Leaders and Trefoil Members from all over the UK have made the journey to Mexico. We started our adventure in Mexico City before we headed south to the WAGGGS World Centre, Our Cabaña. Luckily the suitcases that stopped off in Paris also arrived here, bringing a smile to everybody’s faces!

On our first night, we joined in the Mexican Fiesta with a group from Australia. Mexican food, drink and dance moves were tried and tested by everyone and it was the perfect start to our week here!

Day Two started with Colours, which was a bit different to the norm, as we said goodbye to the Australian ladies. It was a mixture of happiness and sadness for the staff here, as saying goodbye is always hard, but then they were welcoming the wonderful Venture Abroad Group at the same time – hurray! The day was a relaxed one, where we learnt about Mexican traditions and were given a really lively introduction to the infamous Craft House, which will undoubtedly become my second home!

After Colours today, we saw the arrival of the local seniors. 16 ladies from a local centre arrived by bus and were greeted by a line of smiling English faces. They spent the morning learning different crafts, receiving hand massages and foot washing and the session ended with an energy filled singing circle! It was great to see the joy on the ladies faces as they joined in with everything and I think it will be a morning that everyone will remember. We then headed off to what is known here as the Baby Pyramids as we did the walk for the ‘Guias’ – a walk for the local girl guides. Lots of people scaled the ‘big little pyramid’ and I think they are wondering just how big the big ones are that we are going to see at the end of the week! It was a good warm up for the weekend, that’s for sure!

The bell is about to ring for dinner tonight, so I am going to have to say Hasta Luego!