Our final group of scouts to visit the island of Ivo and the Jamboree arrived on Monday evening after an afternoon’s sightseeing in Copenhagen. They quickly settled into their cabins and were eager to know the details of the following day’s visit to the Jamboree site. There were a few groans as I announced that we would be leaving bright and early, but luckily everyone managed to make it to the bus on time.

Once again the sun graced us with it’s presence and the scouts enjoyed a truly international day at the World Scout Jamboree. Many met up with friends and family members in contingents at the Jamboree and delivered essential items such as clean socks, towels and even pink tutus!!

At the end of the day we all piled back onto the bus, laden with souveniers and swaps and headed back to the island for some traditional Swedish meatballs!

Today has been action packed with groups heading off in all directions of the island. 8th Wigan were first to take a spin on the bikes with GLMW in hot pursuit in the afternoon. MMSC Junior Crew braved the cold water and paddled into the middle of the lake on pedalos and canoes whilst other members stuck to the safety of the shore and enjoyed a quick dip in the swimming pool. Two members from Norwich also decided to go off in hunt of the local caches and points of historical interest. No-one has seen them back yet so hopefully they have’t got lost!!

Unfortunately, tomorrow is our last day on the island, however, the groups are determined to make the most of their remaining time with some going fishing, some going biking and one even going on a fossil hunt!

I’m very sad to be leaving the island tomorrow, however, it has been a great experience with some really great groups! I hope they all had a brilliant time here and enjoyed the Jamboree as much as I did!

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