Hi all! Sorry it’s been a while it’s been a very busy weekend! Unfortunately the Dumfriesshire guides went home on Saturday but it was an absolute pleasure to meet them! On Thursday, we hopped on many different kinds of transport – Bus, train, cable cars, and lifts!  We explored the First mountain in Grindelwald by cable car, and on the way back down (after a very delicious lunch!) we were literally travelling with our heads in the clouds! We then went on to Trummelbach falls a lovely huge series of 10 waterfalls all within walking distance of one another and, they alone drain the glaciers of the Eiger, Jungfrau and the Mönch – 3 of the biggest mountains in Switzerland! Despite it raining, the girls were keen to see all of the shoots! – They were wet anyway!

Friday we checked out Interlaken! Caught the boat from Spiez and did a spot of afternoon shopping! We all watched a chocolate show demonstration where we were shown how the chocolatiers make things like truffles, and tasted a cocoa bean. I think everyone can agree that a cocoa bean tastes nowhere near as good as chocolate! We had coffees, cokes and hot chocolates there and then headed off home where we nipped over to KISC to the international campfire!  Definitely something that I don’t think any of us will forget!

Saturday – My last day with the girls 🙁 We headed down to Thun, and looked at the castle where the views were amazing, and we bumped into a wedding and a new bride on the way out! –  Being carried on a little wooden cart down the hill by her new husband!

It was ever so nice meeting you girls, and of course your guiders! Hope that you enjoyed Switzerland 2011 and also that Laura had a lovely birthday!!! Keep an eye out for the rest of the photos to come!

Rhia! x

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