Summer is a fantastic time of the year, warm sunny days, ice creams and the beach! However, Deddington Cross Girl Guiding visited the Jungfraujoch and had a rather different experience to a typical summer’s day.

The group set off in the early hours of the morning for the Top of Europe. Like true guides, they were extremely prepared for the unknown and what the weather may hold. Each had their bags full of different items; sunglasses, caps and water bottles… gloves, scarves and even woolly hats. Little did they know that they would be extremely grateful for their preparation teachings – taught from being a Girl Guide.

The Guides caught the well-renowned train to the top of the Swiss Alps, with beautiful views of the glacier and mountains. Once they reached the Top of Europe, they were amazed by the view.

Snow, snow and more snow… in summer?!

They began their tour around the Jungfraujoch, first walking through the caves and discovering how it was built in 1896. They then visited the ice palace, where they were surrounded by pure ice. The ice skates were certainly required for this part! They finished off with the magnificent view point of the Top of Europe. Due to the blizzard of snow, the action shots were slightly trickier to capture, which made the entire experience more entertaining. The Girl Guides managed to get action shots of them wearing their woolly hats whilst playing in the snow.


This will certainly be a strange summer’s day, remembered by all!