That’s right, snow has already been falling here at Kisc as the last groups left on Saturday starting their journey back to the UK drawing to a close a fantastic summer!

6th Barry Sea Scouts, 14th Lowestoft and 1st Stourbridge St Thomas Scouts all left at the weekend having had a really great week, their highlights being the trip up to the Jungfrau, the Aare float trip and the overnight climbing workshop not to mention everything else they managed to cram into the space of just 1 week! What I loved was the way the groups got to know each other that well you literally couldn’t tell who was in which group as they became such good friends with everyone. And to cap it all off the international campfire was cancelled on Friday night, not that it stopped us having our own impromptu roaring campfire in the main hall of the old chalet where each of the 3 groups took their own turns to sing songs and perform skits to the awaiting room of scouts and expectant leaders, with my 2 songs definitely being the best!!

The last 10 weeks have literally flown by, but it’s been an amazing experience meeting so many different people all over the world and getting to know some great characters, especially all the scout leaders! It’s been a great chance to make the most of the spectacular mountainous scenery surrounding the Kander Valley and of course go sledging. It’s also been really cool seeing all the groups go home happy having had a really fun time doing so many different unbelievable activities!

Well that’s it then, thanks to literally everyone I’ve met for making it a fantastic summer and I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot of familiar faces around the UK in the future!!!

ps. Just in case you can’t recognise it that’s the view from the cable car station towards Oeschinensee!

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