The Eiger, Monch and The Jungfrau

A thrilling end to last week saw the groups take part in some super adventurous activities which rounded off a spectacular week!

The Snow and Ice expeditions gave the Explorers and Scouts from 3rd Tewkesbury some great excitement to end the week on and an experience that they will definitely never forget. Hiking over the Kanderfirn Glacier and walking next to crevasses are opportunities of a lifetime! The scouts participated in the beginners climbing course on Friday learning many new skills and scaling the heights above Kandersteg.

Meanwhile 1st Hibaldstow and Scawby Scouts got up at half 5 on Friday morning to make the trip to the Jungfraujoch. After brioche and dry Frosties for breakfast we caught the train up to the highest station in Europe at 3454m. On the way, we stopped at the Eigerwand station which looks out from the north face of the Eiger to take in the breathtaking views over the valley below including Kleine Scheidegg and Grindlewald. The next stop was Eismeer which is situated in the middle of a Glacier and is perfect for viewing the crevasses and the surrounding mountains. Once at the top, the group went to the Ice Palace to see the amazing sculptures carved into the ice before making their way to the plateau below the Monch to have a go at Sledging and Tubing on the Glacier. This was followed by a train ride down to Kleine Scheidegg from where the group walked the Eiger trail down to Grindlewald. The path takes walkers below the North Face of the Eiger allowing them to experience it’s mightiness and the challenge it poses to climbers !

Saturday both groups leave Kandersteg to spend the afternoon in the lovely city of Thun before heading home back to the UK. Both groups had an amazing week and a lot of the scouts seemed to be shattered after the variety of activities and hikes they’d done during the week! The four new groups have arrived and are having a couple of chill out days to settle in to their alpine surroundings. Today the groups are on a trip to Oeschinensee, swimming in the open-air pool and competing in the International sports afternoon with nations from all over the world.

Activities taking place for the groups this week include the magnificent Jungfrau and Eiger Trail, the Lotchenpass Hike, the overnight Ueschinenhutte hike, the dawn hike that involves setting off at 3am (think I’ll give that a miss), the chocolate and cheese tours and trips to Trummelbach falls and Interlaken!!¬†The groups have definitely planned what seems to be an¬†enthralling week ahead!

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