Epping Guides at the top of Jungfrau

…Certainly like no business I know!  The Epping Guides were frolicking on the snow losing hats and earmuffs and shoes (and getting them back again!). Shooting down the Jungfrau* on toboggans!  *Don’t panic mums- not the whole way!

The Grand snow ring finale was all of us linking together for a dramatic final group run!  I should apologise for covering little Ella in snow as I collided with a wall of snow but I did pull her back up the hill whilst she was sitting in a snow ring, so I feel semi- vindicated!  I also resisted the urge to just let go of the ring and let her slide back down the hill despite the rest of the unit chanting “let go- let go!”

It was a very very long day- 5 hours and 5 trains each way, with a total altitude of 3571 meters.  But what the facts and figures cannot tell you is just how truly spectacular the top of the Jungfrau is.  We actually ascended above the clouds, so although we could not see much of the 4 countries below, it made for a majestic, peaceful atmosphere.  Peaceful until an incoming helicopter wizzed up a bit of a snow storm!  Out of the breeze the sunshine was just glorious at the top and the girls were kept warm in any case by racing toboggans!

The group all completed their chocolate challenge at 3571m, with a good old Knoppers chocolate snack!  We also wandered through the new Jungfrau exhibition, learning all about how the railway was first made.  I wouldn’t have liked to have been the first to tunnel through, that’s for sure.

We also “oohed and aahed” at the sculptures in the ice palace and managed to spot a little ice age character and a few penguins along the way.

Fashion prize today again goes to Janice who looked like a friendly assassin in her black balaclava which was no doubt toasty warm.  Although you’ll have to take my word for it that is her in the pictures as it could be anyone under there!

Quote of the Day: “but I want to go on a cable car NOW”! –‘Veruca’

New Word:  Heisse Schocolade = Hot Chocolate, perfect for warming up!

Local flavour:  Knoppers to complete the chocolate challenge, although many of the girls munched snow today!  AND who could forget Jess’s bubble gum!

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