On Wednesday evening, the Scouts and Explorers, took part in their annual camp cooking competition. I was honoured to be the judge… no pressure! They were given a budget and certain items to buy but other than that they had the freedom to make a 3 course dinner of their choice. All 4 groups worked tirelessly to create signature dishes, and one by one I tasted them all, and looked at their presentation. In total, I ate 4 starters, 4 mains and 4 desserts…I could not move afterwards! I am proud to announce Group 2 won the competition, highlights of the meal were the home-made salsa, the main dish and their very beautifully decorated table.

P1030489 P1030485

Yesterday we went to Brussels, where the Scouts and Leaders explored the centre of the city, and most tried a traditional Belgian Waffle. We also went on the city sightseeing bus and headed north where we saw the Atomium. The Scouts enjoyed the freedom to explore and shop, and we we even found a large Smurf statue – smurftastic!

Today we are tree climbing and BMXing, it appears we have some expert climbers in the group!