While you are looking ahead to a new year with exciting adventures, trips or activities for your group along comes the inevitable. Funding. Getting fundraising right means some trips and destinations previously out of reach become a goal. We are all familiar with the tried and tested bag packing, bake sales, car washing, bring & buy sales, raffles and these are a big part of getting an international activity trip from idea to reality.

But we have some inspiration to shake up your fundraising efforts and tips from other group leaders.

Virtual Treasure Hunt

During the pandemic video conferencing software like Zoom became popular and many non-profit and charitable organisations created online versions of popular fundraising activities. One of which we think could work quite well… a virtual treasure hunt! Participants can join in from the comfort of their own homes, pay an entry fee, and are tasked with finding obscure objects from around their homes. Each round ends with a ‘show and tell’ where participants can share a fun fact or anecdote about their object. Every successful find bags a point. The selling point is it’s a familiar game made even more accessible and affordable.

Reverse Raffle

Flipping the favourite raffle game on its head.  All losing tickets are drawn first, and by a process of elimination, the winner’s ticket will be revealed. This is a great twist and exciting take on the charity favourite which will have your participants on the edge of their seats. Depending on how many get involved the process could take quite a bit longer so maybe consider doing the reverse raffle as part of a bigger event or put a break in the middle with other games.

Guess the baby photo

If you can get enough parents, group leaders or kids willing to share their baby photos you can add a hilarious dimension to your fundraising efforts. Encourage everyone to contribute and guess the baby photos, whoever guesses the most correctly wins a prize.

Paint Jam

If you have a local spot or art scene, you can ask professional or budding artists to take part in a ‘paint jam’. Drawing, painting, spray painting, anything goes! You can invite the local community to get involved, watch, then bid on the art pieces at the end with a mini-auction. Give the event a festival feel by inviting local bands and street food and make a day of it.


You don’t ask. You don’t get. Approach a local business or entrepreneur who would be willing to sponsor your group long term. Offer them recognition, a kind word in the local newspaper, feature them on your social media pages.

Some businesses can offer more than money. They can donate time, products, and services.


Here are some tips from a successful fundraising effort by 2nd Ascot Guides.

Starting their fundraising efforts two years in advance of the trip, 2nd Ascot Guides raised a whopping £21,000 – meaning the contribution needed from the girls was minimal. Here are their top fundraising tips:


  1. Bucket Collections Go a Long Way

From Ascot Races to School Fayres and Garden Centres, the girls from 2nd Ascot Guides did bucket collections over two years, with even the smallest of loose change helping towards their fundraising target.


  1. Think Outside the Box

No job was too big (or small) for 2nd Ascot Guides – with the group taking part in choral singing, school fayres and car washing. They even took part in an evening of picking up firework debris around the local area.


  1. Consistency is Key

Arguably the biggest key to a successful fundraiser is consistency, writing a plan and sticking to it. For example, 2nd Ascot Guides set out to fundraise at least 2 weekends a month, and by sticking to this plan, they were able to raise £21,000 in two years.