On Sunday our group did the high ropes. It included several obstacles such as cargo nets, a rope bridge, as well as lots of zip wires. There were 6 courses plus a training course, however as we were all under 14 we coudn’t do 4, 5 or 6.
On Monday we visited Adelboden and looked roud the shops before visiting the wood carvers where everyone got woggles and other things as well as going gorge walking. When we went gorge walking, we went down a long path to the bottom of the gorge so we walked across the edge of the gorge.

My favourite part of camp so far is the high ropes, especially the zip wires.
The best bit of camp so far is the tobogganing, when I went first.
My best bit so far was the glacier swim it was really cold but it was fine because of how hot it was.
My best bit so far is the swimming, it was great fun and everyone enjoyed it, especially the big diving board and the giant float.
My favourite bit so far was the tobogganing, it was funny when everyone crashed.

Daniel, Erik, Max, Robert, Ben, Bill, Sam & Will (Scouts 1)

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