Well today 1st Golborne St Thomas put on their brave faces and entered the Dungeons of Amsterdam. Scared… I’ve never seen a group enter the dungeons looking so scared, then come back out laughing and smiling away….the group seemed to love it. Surely the dungeons are supposed to be scary!? Clearly these guys aren’t afraid of anything.

Once the fun of the dungeons was over it was time for a spot of lunch outside the Cathedral, the group had just finished eating in time before the rain came down. Soggy butties aren’t that nice so I’m told.

One the way back to the top end of Amsterdam, the group enjoyed a bit of shopping for last minute gifts with what little money they had left. Once the shopping was over it was time for yet another relaxing cruise around the capital, before hitting the shopping center once more. The group once back at the camp site are all far too tired to even move another inch.

They have really enjoyed their time on camp and of course, it has been a pleasure to spend the week with them all.  🙂