Friday 27th July was a lazy day around Adelboden for both the 1st Highworth Guides and the Biggin and Hartington Scouts.

The Guides started the day by visiting “Our Chalet” one of the 4 world guiding centres where several girls made their promise and Boofle was also welcomed into the world of Guiding!

The scouts meanwhile, braved a hike along the river to Engstligenalp waterfall behind our chalet, despite the weather. It was a damp picnic at the base of the waterfall- not because it was raining, but because these scouts cannot resist a good splash when water is concerned! (Strange then, that they are so adverse to washing and wearing fresh clothes!! My favourite quote of the week was when I suggested that “one should wash oneself every day” and little Chris fell off his chair with laughter: “That’s a good one, Charlotte”!!)

The evening brought further delights in the form of cheese. Those long time followers and fans of my blogs (!) will know how I feel about this foodstuff. The Guides of Highworth too, soon saw this passion as I was nicknamed “Fromagia” Goddess of cheese!

Obviously I was of vital assistance at the Swiss Fondue evening at Hotel Alpina that night! Valiant efforts were made by all, and gallons of iced tea were drunk by to aid digestion as much as possible. Despite this, we all left the evening a lot heavier than we arrived and promising not to eat any cheese for at least a week…

…Luckily for the guides they didn’t have to have any more cheese until… 8am the next morning when they visit the cheese maker!! Guten Apetit!

New Word: fondue from the French fondre meaning to melt!
Fashion Police: Andys new red shoulder pads (ie sun burn!)
Local Flavour: Cheese of course! Key moment when the waitress handed Stuart a spoon to help him retrieve the crunchy bits of cheese baked on to the base of the fondue pot. To them both, we are truly grateful…
Quote of the day: “There must be something in the cheese” Funnily enough there were chips, bread and even a piece of lettuce in our fondue left by careless fond-doers (amateurs!!) Although this phrase was initially meant as a comment on the mild hysteria which ensued after much cheese consumption!

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