Today I went rock climbing with Voyager Explorer Scout Unit from 1st Malden Scouts. It was a fantastic day which began with a Gondola ride up the Sunnbuel – a short walk from the rock faces. After a briefing from our climb guides and a kit check, the first explorers took to the rock.

The first climbing set was an unusual style of climbing called friction climbing where we had to essentially run up the rock whilst being belayed. After everyone gained confidence and had a picnic lunch, we split off into two groups and tried two different types of climbing.

The first was chimney climbing, where we were between two large boulders and we had to squeeze ourselves up as if we were climbing a chimney. The other set was more traditional where we were scrambling up using foot and hand holds, much like the sort of climbing we do at indoor climbing walls. All the explorers did so well, both in climbing and belaying, as well as mastering rope work and learning the equipment.

I must also say a huge thank you to our awesome Pinkies; Arran and Cammy – I thoroughly enjoyed rock climbing and so did the scout unit – so thank you!



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