Dawn broke on Thursday and 6 were missing from the Aspley Guise Camp as the Explorers and Ruth were still up in the mountain hut, being serenaded by cow bells. Our Scouts had a day of activities on site today: Abseiling and the Juicinator. It’s always difficult to choose what to do at KISC as there are so many options!

The half day abseiling course taught the Scouts how to climb/abseil safely and familiarise themselves with the equipment. Whilst waiting for their turn, the girls decided to practice their dance moves (no photographic evidence fortunately). Everyone challenged themselves and even the most cautious amongst the Scouts reached the top of the rock to abseil down, thanks to the expert support of the KISC instructors. The Juicinator is an eco activity. Firstly, the group got to understand how far away the fruit comes from that is used at KISC and how such a small percentage of the earth can be used to grow fruit. We got to learn about the carbon footprint of different foods and discovered that a carrot has one of the lowest footprint and a cow, one of the highest. Then it was time for action – making a smoothie with pedal power. The Scouts chopped fruit together then took turns to pedal to create the power to blend the fruits. A tasty end to the session.


Meanwhile the Explorers were waking up in the mountains, still surrounded by cows. After breakfast, they headed up to the climbing rocks to polish their climbing skills. They involved themselves in belaying for each other and carrying out partner checks. They managed to climb all the routes laid out, persevering when on the toughest ones. After they had finished, they headed back to the hut to clean it before hiking back down from the Upper valley down to Kandersteg. By this time, the thunder was audible but thankfully only the last 10 minutes of the hike were wet!