You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. On tour, one week can whizz by when you have a jam-packed itinerary of hikes, excursions and activities.

If you’re about to embark on an international adventure with your Scouts or Guides, then we’ve got some great ideas to ensure that your trip of a lifetime is remembered for a lifetime! By taking a moment each day to reflect on and record your adventures, your group are certain to come away with long-lasting memories.

Venture Abroad Rep, Georgie, shares with us some activities you can do on tour to get you started!


Treasure and trash

Ask each person to tell the group something they will treasure and something they would rather trash. These can be sincere or a little more silly. For example, you could treasure a breath-taking view or tackling your fear of heights on a zip-line; you might rather trash an annoying blister from your new walking boots or accidentally dropping your sandwich in a puddle!

Something you are grateful for

Taking part in an international adventure is a huge privilege, so ask your group to reflect each day on something they are grateful for. Big – the opportunity to visit a World Centre – or small – a friend sharing their lunchtime packet of crisps – anything goes.

Keep a trip diary

Assign each day of the trip to a different team and task them with updating a scrapbook, journal or diary with an account of the day. This will be a really rewarding trip memento!

Write a mid-trip postcard home

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you they love receiving traditional ‘snail-mail’. A postcard or letter sent to family or a trip sponsor to capture one specific element of the trip provides the perfect chance to reflect with a touch of nostalgia. The added bonus is the stamp and postmark unique to your destination!

Compile a quote book

It’s inevitable, people on camp say things they would never say at home. Jot down all the in-jokes, comic misunderstandings and spontaneous group slogans. You can thank us later when you read out the list at your reunion evening and no one can stop laughing.

Buddy boxes

Introduced to us by the NOMAD Rangers from North Oxford and Marston, this buddy box system came to them by way of an American summer camp tradition. It’s versatile, inclusive, and suits many types of trip.

The premise is simple. Each group member receives a small box – they used wooden treasure chests from a craft shop – and the name of another member of the group. Over the trip, the task is to fill up the box with mementos, as well as decorating the box. On the final day, all the boxes are exchanged, just like with a Secret Santa.

Some examples of the items found in the NOMAD girls’ Adelboden boxes include pressed flowers, badge swaps, Swiss chocolate, funny quotes from the trip, and pebbles from special hikes and excursions.

This challenges group members (who are not necessarily one unit or troop at home) to get to know each other and think about what their buddy will like. The NOMAD group also added in an element of ‘secret friend’, each ranger was responsible for checking up on their buddy and performing surprise acts of kindness towards them.

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