Arrival Photo

The Trefoil Guild group has arrived, all safe and sound, if a little windswept! After a transfer to the hotel the group settled into their rooms before many of them opted to join me on a pre-dinner stroll; I think it was my suggestion that we could maybe see a troll in his cave that was the incentive to brave the Icelandic elements! We’ll all certainly have a good appetite tonight.

Here’s a little reminder of what is in store for day two of the Trefoil Guild trip to Iceland.

  • Explore the fascinating landscape of volcanoes, lava fields, colourful hissing ground, steam vents and bubbling mud.
  • Visit Grindavik where we will visit both the Saltfish Museum and Magma: Earth Energy to learn about fishing in the past as well as the fascinating geology of this amazing country.
  • Visit the world-famous Blue Lagoon, an extensive relaxing spa set amidst the Illahraun, the Evil Lava.
  • Drive along the South Coast road where a fascinating coastline of ocean eroded volcanic cones will be seen as we cross the dramatic mountainous landscape of the impressive Mid Atlantic Ridge.
  • Visit to the Northern Light Experience (a DVD projection) and Ghost Museum.

We will keep our fingers crossed all day in hope that there will be the opportunity to view the Northern Lights from just outside the hotel door!

Stay tuned for further updates as the week goes on.