We awoke yesterday to the sound of continual rain…again! But still excited for our overnight hike, yet the rain soon changed our plans as our route wasn’t safe. Never the less we set off on an altered route only to turn back an hour in due to the torrent of water that had engulfed the only bridge on the mountain pass.

So, we headed into Bern for coffee, cake and a bit of culture! Oh and bears… Wandering around the city was interesting, we enjoyed the Swiss architecture and despite being Explorers the children’s play area was fab!

The real bears are even cuter!
Well deserved cake
Well deserved cake

Today WE SAW SUN!!!!!!!

Blue skies at last!
Blue skies at last!

Still keen, we set off on a day hike up a mountain to compensate for the lack of walking and lot of eating the day before! On the way down we heard Ethan and Glenn shout from the front ‘Look a Meerkat!’ a bit of googling later we found it wasn’t a Meerkat at all, it was a Marmot!

Mike the Marmot

After climbing a mountain, we went for a refreshing dip in the Kandersteg ‘heated’ swimming pool which cleaned us off nicely! A few volleyball games, slides and front flips later we were drained and ready to thaw out! (it’s not actually that cold, Ross is just a wimp!)

Looking forward to mountain biking tomorrow!