The wild adventures have continued over the last three days with the 138th Glasgow troop. A quiet Sunday followed the busy first day with the rain pouring down! However just to prove that this shouldn’t ruin a scout camp, we were the only team to turn up to the international sports afternoon, true dedication was shown by all four of the Glasgow teams with a photo of the world champions now proudly presented in reception.

The explorers took part in the high ropes course on Monday morning which they described as extreme and needing a change of pants afterwards! This included loads of jumps, zip wires, rope swings, 30 metre high monkey bars and tight rope walking.

In the afternoon followed a hike up to Oeschinensee in the baking sun. The hour and a half of walking completely up hill managed to tire the scouts out sufficiently. The reward was a nice refreshing dip in the Oeschinensee, I say refreshing the temperature can’t have been that much above zero and for the first few minutes it was freezing!

The international barbecue saw some crazy dancing on tables, stunts, strange food (mainly haggis) and burgers (most important)! The group brought typically Scottish food to the stall including whisky, shortbread and haggis. This was preceded by a pipe off between three Scottish pipers including Kenny White the legend of bag piping.

Rafting was Tuesdays activity with the group splitting to tackle two challenging rafting courses, the Lutschine and Simme Rapids. Along with me, the explorers took on the Lutschine rapids at Interlaken. Beginning in the shadow of the North Face of the Eiger, the rapids started slowly but got more testing as the course progressed. Unfortunately, no-one fell in during the rapids, however everyone went for a swim through one of the rapids halfway down (which included me getting a numb bum after hitting a rock) and in Thunersee where flips off the raft were in abundance!

Tomorrow the group is doing Canyoning, which sounds insane while the scouts and explorers are also taking hikes around the local area including up the surrounding mountains to experience the stunning scenery!

Quote of the Day: “I won’t be able to go to the toilet for a few days!” after swimming in the 5 degrees Oechinesee lake.

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