Where to start? It’s been an absolutely crazy week here at KISC with so many activities going on in the past 2 days so I’ll give you a brief overview of the best bits!

East Norwich Explorers went on the Chocolate and Cheese tour today which takes the group to the beautiful village of Gruyere where the Cailler Chocolate factory is based as well as being the home of Gruyere cheese! The Chocolate factory was great fun and gave an insight into the beginnings of chocolate, how the factory was formed and how chocolate is made; followed by a tasting room where some of the faces being pulled said it all. The village of Gruyere was absolutely stunning and is very different to the typical Swiss villages, feeling a lot more French! And the Gruyere cheese… well that just tasted really good too.

The Beauchief ESU have been extreme Rafting on the Lutschine river between Grindlewald and Interlaken today. They took on the huge rapids of the river in the shadow of the Jungfrau and the thrill and excitement was clear to see from all the explorers and their leaders! Some of the photo’s which can be seen in the gallery look amazing. They also made the trip up to Oeschinensee on Wednesday where they tickled the water, as well as witnessing the Rega helicopter fly metres above their heads as they performed a rescue!

Swanwick Scouts went on a trip to Ballenberg, which is a Swiss country museum showing off the best of traditional Switzerland with the group saying they could have spent a whole day there if they’d had the time. Beauchief ESU and 1st Stratford and 1st Shottery went to the raging waterfalls at Trummelbach which are an awesome sight to be seen followed by an afternoon in Interlaken where some of the Scouts went up to the top of Harder, sitting above 2000m with views over the lakes and mountains.

Today 12th Warrington East Scouts have gone up to the Jungfraujoch sitting at almost 4000m which gives the group great views over the vast swathe of mountains and lakes in Switzerland and over towards Italy. And I’m sure they won’t have been disappointed as we could see the Jungfrau Range clearly from at least 60 miles away on our coach!

A manic but very exciting few days… And I’ve no doubts that all the groups this week have had an amazing time and won’t want to be heading home soon!!