I sat down with some of the lovely lot from 2nd South Hylton to ask them some questions about their time here in Adelboden. Here’s what they thought…


  • 1) What was your favourite thing about today?
    “Oberhofen castle and it’s history interested everybody even though every single one of us were exhausted from the day of hiking and the day before in Interlaken” – Abigail and Chloe
  • 2) What has been your favourite activity so far?
    “It ranges for each guide, however most thought that the blue lake was their favourite. It was easily the most pretty, and we all enjoyed swimming in the lake or rowing the boat.” – Abigail and Thea May
  • 5) Have you learnt any German words?
    “Yes (or ja should i say?), we’ve learnt a lot. Such as Ziege (goat), Schimmbad (swimming pool) and Alps (mountains) Also: Qualle (jellyfish), Kaninchen (bunny), Danke (thank you) and finally… Ice liebe dich (I love you)!.” – Thea May and Abigail