I have spent Thursday with the amazing (and rather loud) Irish Girl Guides, as we set off for Vuursche swimming pool. But when we arrived, we were 2 hours early for opening time! What would we do to pass the time until then?.Play campfire games of course! Time ended up flying by and the guides did finally get their dip they had all been waiting for. They have also been to Amersfoort today for a canoe trip around the town. A few guides also had a swim in the canal after their boat capsized-but hearing of these unlucky few I am not suprised (Haggrrrrrrriiiid!).

P1030450 P1030447

Today, Nantgaredig & Bronwydd Guides left the site by coach to see the beautiful Efteling Theme Park! Everybody had a great time exploring the fairytale setting, and of course testing their bravery on the many gigantic rides. It was a great way to end an amazing week and the guides left as loud and active as ever.

The true face of terror


Both groups are now enjoying their final evening sat around the campfire, bringing this eventful week to a perfect end. It was really good to get to know Nantgaredig & Bronwydd and Irish Girl Guides and I am hoping, with the current Eurotunnel issues, that they have a great journey back to their home countries. Tomorrow will also mark the arrivals of our new residents of Buitenzorg… Anvil Explorers and Westbury Guides! I am looking forward to meeting everyone and I hope that you will all be keeping an eye out for all updates on the amazing week ahead.