This week the Clifton Methodist Scouts are experiencing the delights of Adelboden in Switzerland. We hear more from VA rep Georgie about their adventures.

Monday: Another day, another hike!

Monday’s hike took the Scouts to a traditional Swiss Woodcarver’s cottage, an astounding gorge and the picturesque town of Adelboden.

Clifton Methodist Scouts - hike

Josh might be the smallest but it definitely did not mean he wasn’t the fastest, he was leading the way!

The Trummer woodcarver family have been carving in the valley for three generations, and are a firm favourite with Scouting and Guiding visitors to Adelboden. Each of the Scouts received a personalised woggle for their neckers, and several also picked up some unique handmade souvenirs for family and friends.

Clifton Methodist Scouts - wood carving

Despite all the woodcarvings on display, Cameron was incredibly impressed by… a particularly Swiss looking loo seat.

Clifton Methodist Scouts

The next stop was Cholerenschult gorge, only ten minutes away from the Woodcarvers, but a geographical marvel and the perfect pre-lunch activity. The sound of the water coursing through the rock is almost deafening, you feel as though you are inside a waterfall.

Clifton Methodist Scouts - Cholerenschult gorge

One of the most popular souvenirs (after the Swiss chocolate of course) were these flags – the flag of the canton of Bern. Bern, rather than Geneva or Zurich, is the capital city of Switzerland, and the canton (or county) in which Adelboden is situated.

Clifton Methodist Scouts - holding Swiss fag

Tuesday: Top of Europe – Jungfraujoch

The trip up the Jungfrau Mountain was described as ‘really cool’ in more ways than one. In their team Swiss flag bobble hats and several layers of fleeces, the boys explored the Ice Palace, played out in the summer snow and sampled some Swiss chocolate in the Lindt experience.

Clifton Methodist Scouts - top of a swiss mountain


To reach the highest train station in Europe, we took one bus and five trains (each way) so it was a pretty long day of travelling! The Scouts got a taste of being VIP as train carriages were reserved for them. By the end of our journey, we had reached a height of 3454m above sea level.

Clifton Methodist Scouts - trains to the top of the mountain

After our lunches, we all headed out on to the Plateau to soak in the sun, make a few snowballs and enjoy the mountain views. We were so high up we could look down and see clouds!

Clifton Methodist Scouts - top of the mountain

The Ice Palace features sculptures and even an ode to Ice Age! This was also where the hats really came into their own as everyone could easily see the rest of the group despite being all wrapped up in coats, scarves and gloves.

Clifton Methodist Scouts

After a busy glacial adventure, the way home was a little more subdued as we had a lot of sleepy scouts on the way home. The ticket inspector on the train back down did perk us all up by offering free Lindt chocolates to us all on her rounds!

Clifton Methodist Scouts - Lindt

Stay tuned for more adventures from Clifton Methodist Scouts.


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