We awoke this morning to a very unusual sight for 1st May – it was snowing in Adelboden, while the photos out of the UK show beautiful blue skies! We were in the wrong place this week for certain. However, even with low clouds, it was hard to say goodbye for now to this lovely village.


Yet leave we must, as we had an appointment to keep over the other side of the valley, in the village of Kandersteg. It’s the home of Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC), the World Centre for Scouts and an important place for Scouts to visit in their lifetime.

It was exciting to see the Centre, and although it was much quieter than when our groups visit in the summer, you could still feel the character of the place. We explored the site, visiting the various accommodation centres such as the Chalet and the Sonneblick, as well as the campfire circle. Our favourite was definitely the Tower, which felt like you were living in a castle!




We will have to come back with better weather and more people – but thank you to Josh and Adriana for showing us around this time.

The rest of the afternoon has been spent exploring Kandersteg. You can certainly feel that it’s colder up here in the mountains than it was in Adelboden. We have also been trying to figure out why macaroni cheese is served with apple puree – any suggestions?!

Tonight we are heading back into the town and avoiding the rain. Then tomorrow we’re off to Interlaken for a day of visiting chalets, waterfalls – and perhaps a little bit of chocolate too…