25.07.2011 woodacrver photo 3

…the Godalming Guides came to play!

Making aeroplanes along the road to the woodcarver’s, we arrived at our destination: a quaint little workshop owned and run by the Trummer family and perched high on the mountain overlooking Adelboden valley  or “home for the next 10 days”. This year’s exciting addition to the woodcarvings – a yodelling wooden man!

A few woggles and an engraved badge or two later we wandered on, not forgetting of course to add the Godalming badge to the incredible collection of badges already adorning the woodcarver’s ceiling. Then, on our way back, time to take in “Pochtenkessel” a pretty little waterfall – Switzerland is crammed full of little treats like these! Wherever your feet take you, you are bound to find something unlike anything you might stumble across at home.

But we were not finished there! Back into town and up Tschentenalp, a cable car midway down the high-street, to take in even more amazing views. A few snowy peaks greeted us and it was time for long trousers, but not before testing out the slide at the top! A quick photo at the peak to document the achievement and then back down for dinner and an evening at the chalet!

Not bad for a first day! Phew!

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