After watching the dense clouds gather above our heads the night before, we knew we were in for a wet day in Bern but there was no way we were going to let this dampen our spirits. Following a relaxed morning (with a lie in!!!) we began our, what should have been, quick journey to Bern, however, after taking a slight detour in order to delight a certain member of our group by taking a double decker train (!!!) we arrived in the beautiful capital city, whilst on the way gaining a well travelled stick (later to be named Sir Montague Sticketh the 3rd!!!) which was passed on to us by some Canadian scouts in order to continue the legacy of its travels.

Finding the exit to the station took slightly longer than it should have due to the masses of people who were gathered there. Finally making our way out and after DEFINITELY NOT getting distracted by an amazing smelling pretzel stand, we made our way up the main road to where the bears are kept in an enclosure. Although the English information board informed us that there were three bears living there, the German text revealed that there are only two. By this time we were all both wet and hungry yet spirits were still high. The brewery near by kindly allowed us to use their sheltered picnic tables to eat our lunch at, on the basis that we all ordered a drink from them and boy were the hot chocolates a hit. In front of us were presented a cup of heated, frothy milk served with a sachet of hot chocolate along with a square of chocolate ready for us to mix it ourselves. Definitely one of the highlights of my day!!!

Following lunch we split into groups and mosied around town for the afternoon. Directly outside the brewery was a bear pit where we must have spent at least fifteen minutes ignoring the rain, rolling around on the floor and getting very wet bums all in aid of a photo to say we had been to the bear pit but hey ho, it was definitely worth it!!! Despite being initially surprised at the number of shops we recognised, we proceeded to look at shops selling slightly more unique items, therefore, it was much to our delight that we found one selling traditional Swiss dresses which we couldn’t help but try on and after may or may not being told off for taking photos we continued to buy our souvenirs to take home with us.

Meeting time came and we all headed back to the station, many of us mesmerised by the train boards which spin round to form new words unlike boring old England’s boards!!! Peeling our eyes away from this truly magnificent sight, we made our way up to the platform where we hopped on a train…after some waiting…and made our way back to Kandersteg in order to rest for the exciting day ahead of us!!!