Today marked my second trip to the wonderful Out In Action adventure course, this time accompanying Kent Scouts as they took on the perils of the high ropes and stretched their legs hiking to and from the train station. The group were quick to adjust to the 11m drop beneath them and were soon speeding across the obstacles, giving them little opportunity to fear the height!

The lower 8m course at the high ropes in the foreground, with the most fearless scouts edging along the barrels on the upper level in the background!

Most scouts completed all levels with ease and those slightly more nervous with their new elevated surroundings chose to soar across the site on the brilliant zipline instead. There was also the option of the Powerfan – scouts could choose to be hooked up to this machine and freefall from the top level, landing in safety after an adrenaline-filled few seconds in the air. I was the last to try out this part of the course and just about managed to push myself off of the platform protruding from the top of the course’s wooden tower. I can’t say that my fall was in any way dignified, and my stomach is still swooping at the memory as I type this. However, it was a great way to round off the day!

We also made full use of the fantastic outdoor pool at the site and although the weather remained steadfastly grim for most of the day, no one was deterred and the decidedly cool water was braved by almost everyone.

The weather turned pleasant in time for our long walk back to the train station and this evening has been a beautiful one. Tomorrow looks set to be another rainy day, but luckily we’re all used to the English weather that seems to be persisting here. A bit of rain won’t stop our fun!