Each year, Venture Abroad supports hundreds of members of the Trefoil Guild with their travel arrangements to the much anticipated Annual Meeting Weekend. In June 2019, we are delighted to offer full weekend packages for the Annual Meeting in Southport, including a range of accommodation and exciting excursion options.

Back in November the Venture Abroad team headed out of the office to familiarise themselves with the seaside town and make arrangements for June. VA Team member Hannah tells us all about her experiences of their trip.

Whilst I have worked previously on the organisation of the tour from an administration point of view, I had never had an insight on how we chose the hotels and how the tour comes together. Having been on my first inspection visit I now see how important it is to see the hotels and talk to the staff before the tour comes together.

We visited 5 hotels in total and the members of staff from each hotel were very accommodating and happy to answer any questions we had. We had various show arounds so that we could see the room layouts and important rooms such as the restaurant so that we can ensure that Trefoil Guild have a comfortable stay.

As well as visiting hotels, we checked out some of the excursions that are planned for the Trefoil Guild to enjoy around their Annual Meeting which takes place on the Saturday afternoon. First, we visited Jim at the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port. We had a walk around the museum to ensure that this would be something that our customers would enjoy which we all agreed it was, even Bethany the knitted Brownie, who we have now decided to take along with us to different destinations enjoyed one of the canal boats (see photo below).

We then visited Claire at Norton Priory who was lovely and we were wowed at how much knowledge she had of the museum and house ruins. She gave us a walk around and explained the different areas of the museum and its history. After the museum she led us through to a walled garden which would have been filled with beautiful flowers and plants if it weren’t for the winter weather. We could imagine what it would be like in June.

Having been on my first inspection visit it has given me an insight into how this is an important part of organising a tour. Being able to see the hotels and excursions in person will help me to answer any questions the Trefoil Guild may have about the trip and also for when I attend myself in June.

I hope you’re looking forward to the weekend, we certainly are!

We have limited availability for the Annual Meeting Weekend in Southport. If you’d like to be part of the weekend, please get in touch with the Venture Abroad team on 01332 342 050 or Contact Us for further details.