It has been a busy couple of days for the group! We split into two groups so each could do two different day trips and then swap over on the second day.

The day trips were; a visit to Oeschinensee Lake and a Cheesery Hike in Kandersteg. The time spent at Oeschinensee was a little more of a chilled-out day, taking the gondola up half way and then walking down to the lake, most of the group then had a paddle to cool down, lovely! The group then walked back down to Kandersteg village.

Meanwhile, the second half of the group went on a hike up the mountain to a the local cheesery; it was nice to learn all about the cheese-making process, all of the young members did really well and should be proud of themselves for making it there and back! The path gained a lot of height in a short period of time!

Now for an early night before an early morning tomorrow to visit the Jungfrau.