Both Lauderdale Scouts and South Bradford Explorers took to the water for their last day in beautiful Switzerland with rafting, and what a fantastic finish to the week!

















And then, finally at the end of the day the most perfect way to top off the week at the international campfire where we all learnt a new song about Jellyfish!












This morning, I joined Lauderdale Scouts for their closing ceremony which they chose to do at the campfire circle. First, they collected some ashes from the campfire so that they could take a little bit of Kandersteg to their Scouts back home, what a brilliant way to share your adventure!














In total, the Scouts covered all 4 of the KISC badges and an added a bonus badge for staying in the mountain hut. Well done Lauderdale scouts! When talking to the Scouts today they all agreed their favourite activity had been white water rafting, closely following by the high ropes course at Interlaken.











It’s now time to say Goodbye to Bradford Explorers and Lauderdale scouts until next time, safe journey!