Yesterday, we sadly said goodbye to 1st-12th Leamington Scouts and Staffordshire Guides after an absolutely amazing and sun-filled week. I really enjoyed my week with these groups and I wish them all the best for future scouting adventures.

This Saturday also meant the arrival of our new Venture Abroad groups on Camp Buitenzorg… Irish Girl Guides and Nantgaredig & Bronwydd Guides! They have already started exploring Baarn via foot and ‘fiets’ and are set on widening their scope to the rest of ¬†the Netherlands as the week progresses. Let’s all hope the weather is good to us and I’ll keep you updated on another week of adventure in Holland!

Leamington Scouts after a day at the zoo
Leamington Scouts after a day at the zoo

As my first week of repping¬†has just come to an end, our rep in Adelboden has only just begun! If you are feeling nosey, or perhaps fancy camping in the mountains of Switzerland next summer, follow Emily’s updates via this link:


I hope you are all having a great summer!