Yesterday evening we had a meeting for all the explorers going on camp and their parents. We were briefed on everything from coach to campsite. The anticipation was buzzing. Excitement snowballing as the list of activities was read out and teams were organised. We had brought Belgian chocolates with us to set the mood and get us all in the Belgium zone. It was comprehensively agreed that while in Belgium we must eat as much chocolate as possible, as a way of participating in the culture. We wouldn’t be doing it for any other reasons…As the evening went on we all longed for time to pass quicker, desperately wanting to leave for our campsite, ┬áDe Kluis. At the end, it really settled in for us all how close our long awaited camp actually is. The next time we see each other we will all be grinning madly under the weight of our bags, full of everything we need for our week of adventure on the Continent.