On Monday 1st Haddenham Guides made their way to Brugge and I was quite excited to go with them as I have never been to this beautiful city before. It certainly lived up to its reputation! Although slightly soggy, it was lovely and pretty and smelled of waffles (which is always a good thing!). After some free time to explore and shop, we went to the chocostory museum which is an old wine house dating back to the 1600’s which has recently been turned into a museum all about chocolate. Our lovely guide showed us around and we learned a lot about the history of chocolate and how chocolate is made and also a demonstration by a chocolatier. There were also free samples, amazing. Our guide after our guide took us to what he called ‘secret Brugge’, which turned out to be the remnants of a cathedral underneath a hotel. It was only rediscovered in the 1970’s after being sold off and destroyed a couple of centuries earlier. It was interesting to see something off the usual tourist track. After a bit more exploration time we headed back to De Kluis armed with photos and chocolate, the weather even brightened up for us too.