Another great few days in Kandersteg have the scouts from Cork really make the most of the stunning area and the sunshine. There have been hikes a plenty with the scouts hiking up and down from Oeschinensee where they had a whale of a time seeing who could get into the Lake first and then actually managing to swim in the freezing cold lake for quite a while. The 20 minute walk from the lake to the cable car station looked well worth it as they all whizzed down the mountain side on the summer sled run.

The Ventures had a cracking time on the three-valleys hike on Tuesday and Wednesday, with plenty of stories to tell of their climbs over mountain ridges and staying in a high-altitude alpine hut, although apparently the hut smells rather a lot possibly due to the cows which occasionally live underneath it! Today they took part in the service project which involved moving logs from the KISC woods to be used a fire wood, which by the sounds of it they were rather clumsy at after a few near scrapes. This afternoon they soaked up the sun at the swimming pool which was a great way to chill out and prepare for their hike up to Bunderspitz tomorrow, only 2546m!

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