Chocolate and cheese tours, cheesery hikes, paddling in Oeschinensee, tobogganing, rowing boats, overnight hikes to the Ueshinenhut, solar power experience, multi crafts, swimming pool, high ropes, volleyball, international Sports afternoon, the international evening, the team challenge and the jucinator. As you can tell, Pentland scouts haven’t been at all busy since they got here 3 days ago!!

The scouts have been to and fro-ing rapidly between activities over the past few days with all the activities going really well and all the scouts and leaders wearing huge smiles! The groups that have done the overnight hike so far have really enjoyed it. Even though they said the hike was hard, they had a lot of fun up at the hut and everyone in their group got to know each other a lot better.

There were some great reviews about the chocolate and cheese tour, with the chocolate tasting so nice that everyone bought a gift bag full back with them!! The cheesery hike went down well with the groups that have done it so far even though it is a really early start and a very steep hike, however the cheese and Swiss drinks at the top in the cheesery must be a nice refreshment!