This morning started off with a stroll to the Morska Škola “marine school” where we learned about the Mediterranean Sea and how to snorkel around the bay! Firstly, we learnt about the marine life in the bay including; sea urchins, sea cucumbers, damsel fish and hermit crabs. Then we got kitted out (after struggling to get into our wet suits) and headed into the sea.


After the first shock of cold water, we soon adapted to breathing through the snorkel and set off on a tour around the bay. Shortly after we found many of the marine animals we had heard about earlier and set them aside to study after our tour. After an hour or so of swimming around the bay in waters of up to 50m deep, we went back to the school to look at the spider crab, hermit crab and purple sea urchin in detail. The sea urchin is of pentaradial symmetry, it has five of everything like the starfish, we could see it’s five teeth munching! We were disappointed to find out that the hermit crabs that we thought were making friends, were probably fighting over the biggest shell.


We walked back to the hostel and spent some time on the beach before lunch. Afterwards, Kirsty taught us to play a game called Backpacker which we soon picked up and became a bit too competitive! We then went back to the sea and swam for a while then soaked up the sun for some time before dinner – a beef steak, rice, salad and a banana. Our dinner ended with a surprising burst of entertainment from another group staying at the hostel!

We are all currently sat in the doorway with one of “the blog cats” who is sleeping after finishing their mineral water and pâté. We’re googling best pizza places in Venice in preparation for tomorrows outing!


We’ll be back soon!

Middlesex East Croatia 2017