On Wednesday morning, we got up bright and early at 6:00am to grab a quick breakfast and jump on a coach.  The coach took us to the port where we had our passports checked and hopped on a catamaran: today was the day we would cross the Adriatic and visit the city of Venice!

The catamaran trip was smooth, but quite long.  However, a few hours later it was totally worth it to arrive in the canals of Venice. Once we had gone through passport control and entered our second country on our trip, we began our adventure.  We strolled along the streets between canals, admiring the bridges and beautiful houses. Venice really is amazing: coming around every corner gave us a new and wonderful view.


We walked to St Mark’s square and got a group picture. The square was huge and very ornate and it really felt like we had arrived. However, after an early morning and a long journey, we were starting to get pretty hungry, and there’s only one way to solve that problem when you’re in Italy: pizza!

We used a really sensible system to decide where to get our lunch: the restaurant with all the bread faces in the window.  Excellent selfie opportunity.


We loved the pizza, it was hot and delicious and definitely gave us the energy to see more of the city. We did a spot of souvenir shopping and then waited at a gondola stop for a boat to go past and pick us up.

We rode in two boats, our gondoliers paddling us through the streets. We learned that all the gondolas have to be black to reduce competition between boats, and they all have to follow the same design.  However, modern gondoliers not only paddle the boats and sing a bit, they also take great photos!


After cruising the canals, we were obviously starving again and so it was time for the only other sensible Italian food option.  That’s right: ice cream. We wolfed down cones and cups filled with flavours like pistachio, chocolate orange, cheesecake and noisette and felt extremely pleased with ourselves. And possibly a little bit full.


Our last stop of the day was on the Rialto bridge. Our Leader Emily caused a bit of a stir by receiving two marriage proposals. The romance of Venice seemed to have infected everyone.  However, she hasn’t yet decided if she’s going to accept one of the proposals.  We’ll let you know if she does.

We headed back to the boat, weary but very satisfied with the amazing day we had had. The long boat journey proved to be too much for the leaders (now known as the Mad Aunts); clearly they find looking after a crazy bunch of rabble rousers to be very tiring.


We finally arrived back at our hostel around 9:00pm, just in time for a late dinner and bed.

We’ll be back soon with more adventures!

Middlesex East Croatia 2017

P.S. The kittens missed us on our day trip and are now sulking and refusing to help with blogging.