After a few rainy days there’s nothing better than a clear blue sky! Having woken up to see the sun, the De Kluis campsite is buzzing with activity and groups. Of course when everyone has time to get out and explore the campsite, there is plenty of time to make new friends from all over the world, especially when they are camping just through the trees! 

scouts playing activities

With so many groups from all over the world there are bound to be language and age differences in the groups here but there are a few easy and simple things that can be done to overcome those. To name a few: a good campfire, a meal, some snacks, a classic game of football, or sharing joint activities. Once you’ve mastered those basics you are ready to make friends with pretty much everyone from pretty much everywhere! 

So far on camp our group from 6th Benton and 18th Newcastle have met people and made friends from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and of course another English group from Kidderminster! It just goes to show that despite the occasional difference, everyone can get together and enjoy themselves after sharing just a short time on camp together!